About Eastrend

We work to exceed our clients expectations with an active presence in 52 countries and looking to expand with strong partnership relationship over the world.

Our Factory is Located in Guangzhou (China), we design, manufacture and sell a wide range of Kitchen hardware as our core business and use our facilities to support clients to source for new products or improve conditions in existing ones mainly Kitchen, Wardrobe, Office and furniture fittings...

All our products are design with the actual needs of the people that using them, making their living space more comfortable and practical.


We are well aware of the importance of finding the balance between functionality, quality and of course the price.

Our R&D keep develop new products to stay tune with the industry demand and we as a High-TEch company have registered 35 patents in the Chinese territory.


Our logistic strength with over 20000sqm, makes a real advantage to our clients when is time for consolidate, this in conjunction with our ERP system will support your business to save cost all the way through.

We have become not only a manufacturer to our clients but indeed a key part when in terms of sourcing and purchasing availability to simplify the procurement process and reduce stock levels.


All our achievement would not have been possible with the great team behind our company. The commitment and professionalism will understand your requirements and demands and put into practise a follow up strategic to promote and support your business growth.



Our Mission

Always ready to support and advise, our team consists of motivated and passionate people ready to take the extra mile to make sure we find the right solution in the shortest time possible to be able to offer a supportive and effective service. Our multicultural team will understand your need and transmit to our production line and suppliers in their mother tongue to avoid time waste or misunderstanding.


With a combined experience of over 15 years in the Furniture hardware and construction industry, we are proud of our advantages in a very competitive global market.


We avoid shipping of inappropriate samples or final goods as we audit them according to your expectations. We only work with independent and renowned accredited laboratories to comply with all local and international
Legislation at all times.


What we check:

  • Visual aspect
  • Quantities
  • Dimensions
  • Logos
  • Bar codes
  • Characteristics
  • Type of pallets used
  • Functionality
  • Colors
  • Accessories
  • Kind of cardboard used
  • Weight
  • Required labeling and printing
  • Any other specific inspection detail required by our clients

Quality Control

We double-check the raw materials and components and compare them with samples approved by our clients. All technical aspects of manufactured products are inspected thoroughly. We also inspect the containers' state before final shipping.


We deliver Smart solutions and designs, High-quality products, and fittings
that meet your requirements in terms of quality. We are experts in taking concepts into reality, we take our clients' ideas and in turn, give them outstanding services.


Our business model follows the latest global trends and technology using sophisticated ERP and CRM systems to maximize our capabilities and provide a world-class purchasing experience.

Why Choose Us?


Global presence

Operations in over 52 countries


Strong Purchasing Power

Significantly Reduce procurement cost to all our clients.


Quality Control Department

Report s in every order in web format, follow AQL standards.



Innovation it’s part of our DNA.



Available consultants 24/7.


Multicultural team

International and local high-end professional team.


Shall we begin our path together...